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Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

Refrigeration chamber for food storage

First Service refrigeration has almost 20 years experience in installing and servicing walk-in coolers and freezers. We can Diagnose any problem such as a refrigerant issue or a electrical issue. Sometimes these problems are hard to figure out, but with patience and hard work we always find a way to get the unit working. Not only do we fix problems we offer maintenance packages where we come and clean and look over the operation to ensure minimal break downs and to operate at top efficiency.

Roof Top Units

HVAC units (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). 3D rendered illustration.
First Service Refrigeration, Serivces and installs Roof top HVAC equipment. We are able to maintain and offer solutions to improve the efficiency of the equipmen. We offer maintenance packages to come and inspect the equipment to ensure peek performance when you need it the most, or offer solutions on how to make the unit more efficient or offer insight on what maybe be ready to break, and fix the problem with very little or no down time.We have experience working on all leading brands Lennox,York, Carrier and Trane.

Prep Tables

Industrial kitchen. Restaurant kitchen. Modern shiny kitchen with stainless steel utensils and restaurant cooking equipment with prep tables, pans, pots, stoves.

First Service Refrigeration has a lot of experience working on small commercial refrigeration equipment. Whether its a prep table in the kitchen or a beer cooler behind the bar we work on them all. We care about your time and convince and if there is a problem with your line cooler or freezer we will try to work around your schedule so that we are not on site during your busy hours. We have worked if health inspectors in the past to ensure that coolers and freezers keep the food at a safe temperature. We can trouble shoot any problems you may have, and get the equipment up and running fast and efficiently. We work on all major brands and some of the not so popular brands as well.

Ice Machines

Ice cubes store in ice making machine for clean product. Ice cub
First Service refrigeration installs and Services ice machines. We also clean and sanitize the Ice machines as well. We are able to trouble shoot and fix any problem you may have. We work on all major brands.

Commercial Maintenance Packages

Technician is checking air conditioner ,measuring equipment for filling air conditioners.
First Service Refrigeration offers maintenance packages that will fit any budget. We offer filter changing packs for roof top and split systems. We also offer condenser cleanings for walk in cooler/freezer and small commercial coolers and freezers. You can depend on us to offer the best solutions while keeping your budget in mint.

Our Commitment to Service

Service here at First Service Refrigeration we understand how important your heating and cooling system is.
When you are in need of service, we work fast and efficiently to get your unit up and running as quickly as possible.
Our techs leave no stone unturned when troubleshooting. We find the source of the problem and offer solutions on how to fix, in the most cost effective way. We keep the customer informed throughout the entire process.
Here at at First Service Refrigeration, we take customer service very seriously!
We are never satisfied until our customers are 100% happy.
When doing and work whether it’s sizing and installing a heat pump or doing a service call, we treat the customer the way we would like to be treated. We keep the customer informed throughout the whole process of an installation. Suggestions on where to install the unit to ensure maximum efficiency is obtained. When we are doing installations, we do not only keep the customers, best intentions in mind, but we also do aesthetically pleasing work. we take our time and do proper pressure test to ensure no leaks and take the proper time to pull a proper vacuum below 500 microns, this ensures all the moisture is pulled out of the lines and will make your unit perform at its top efficiency with minimal break downs.

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